Mi Abuelo’s Unpeeled Organic Whole Roasted Hatch Green Chile – Medium Hot – 7 lb Case


Mi Abuelo™ is bringing you and your family the World’s Most Famous Hatch Chile Peppers direct from New Mexico to your kitchen. Our Flame Roasted Organic Chile Peppers are carefully selected and hand-picked with care at their precise medium heat and flavor peak.

The Hatch insignia assures you that our chile peppers have an indefinably certified authentic flavor from protected New Mexican growing regions. 

 Flame-Roasting chile peppers gives them a charred, fruity, sweet and smoky flavor that will enhance any recipe, or can be served as an appetizer.

 A gluten-free and guilt-free way to make your meals the star of your next Mexican dish!  

Due to the pandemic we are faced with an unexpected supply issue dealing with overstocked inventories stamped with a “best by date” of Jan 2021. This date is not an “expiration date.” As a purchaser of our product we want you to understand that because our chiles are flash frozen they will retain their same freshly packaged qualities and remain food safe for 12 months beyond the printed “best by date.” provided the product remains frozen with no damage to the vacuum sealed package.
We appreciate your purchase and want to thank you for supporting us during these times.
Robert Baca
Please check the “Agreee” box below to show that you have read the above information and understand that your high quality product will remain food safe until Jan 2022.

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