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The Mi Abuelo Difference

At Mi Abuelo Organic Chiles we know how we prepare our chiles is as important as the chile peppers we grow. Following strict USDA National Organic Standards our focus is on growing the most flavorful peppers as possible.

Hatch green chiles are only available to harvest 6 weeks a year before turning red. At harvest we choose and hand-pick only firm, smooth peppers that have good color with a deep glossy sheen, without soft spots or wrinkled skin.

Using our proprietary conveyor belt flame-roasting process ensures both food safety and taste preservation. This unique process also ensures a more deep and thorough carmelization of the natural sugars on the surface of the chile beneath the skin for a more appealing and complex flavor profile. We have found that tumbler style roasters lack the ability to meet food safety requirements without diminishing moisture and flavor. Our USDA certified organic process is a culmination of 45 years of experience acquired over 3 generations.

Temperature control during the conveyor roasting process exceeds the 165º F. cooking temperature required to kill E-coli, listeria and Salmonella without excessive moisture loss. The result is a perfectly cooked, plump  chile pepper.

Our proprietary cooling system also plays a critical part in retaining each chiles’ firm texture without the excessive use of flavor robbing water.

The next step to ensure freshness in our process is vacuum sealing, protecting chiles against diminishing their flavor and texture from ice crystal formation.

The final step is “Blast Freezing” and maintaining sub-zero temperatures until our products reaches the end consumers, assuring the freshness and flavor are retained without the addition of preservatives which can compromise taste.  

Our entire process involves using only whole pods rather than diced so that all the flavorful juices can be retained within the cellular flesh right up to the point of consumption.

The Mi Abuelo difference sets the industry standard for flavorful organic chile pepper products.

World Famous Hatch Valley NM Chiles

World Famous Mesilla Valley NM Chiles

Organic Flame-Roasted Whole Chiles
Red or Green Varieties
Available In Medium & Hot
Each package contains flame-roasted, whole Hatch Valley grown green and red chiles for your favorite, spicy Mexican dishes.
Organic Flame-Roasted Whole Chiles
Red or Green Varieties
Available In Medium & Hot
Each package contains flame-roasted, whole Mesilla Valley grown green and red chiles for your favorite, spicy Mexican dishes. 

Grown For Flavor

A Family Legacy

“Sunset Kissed Peppers”

Mi Abuelo’s chiles are grown in New Mexico, along the legendary Rio Grande river. The process of farming these “World Famous” chiles has gone unchanged for centuries, taking care to protect their genetic purity, down to the protection of pepper seeds.

No other chiles outside these New Mexican valley environments, with their unique soil and climatic properties can match the unique taste of Mi Abuelo chiles.

Our hand-picked chiles are New Mexico certified, Gluten-Free, vegan and vegetarian.

Like so many American success stories, this one has its roots in the World’s Famous Hatch Chile Pepper Valley, where our unwavering commitment to carefully and protectively grown chile peppers pays tribute to farmer grandfather, Ruben Baca.  

It’s our family’s love and passion for chile peppers that’s been passed down from generation to generation. You might say that chili pepper seeds are in our DNA. That passion has brought delicious and healthful chile peppers from New Mexico to the American table.

The orange-gold of a New Mexican sunset stretches far and wide across the vast fields of chile peppers, their colors changing from emerald green to a burnt orange to ruby red, merging with the sky.

As the maturing chile peppers intensify in color their flavor sweetens, inspiring us to name our Organic Chiles, “Sunset Kissed Peppers.” It is this distinction appearing on our label that illustrates our promise of peak flavor and quality.

Why We Flame-Roast Our Chile Peppers

Flame-roasting green chile peppers softens and intensifies their flavor, bringing out their spicy, earthy, smoky goodness in moderate medium or hot heat levels. Chiles are roasted until the skins are blistered which makes pulling off their skins quick and easy.

Why People Love Chiles

For over 6,000 years, humans have used chile peppers to add a spicy kick to their meals. Today, their uses are almost endless in Mexican cuisine, found in cookbook recipes ranging from salsa to enchilada sauce, from jerky to hot sauce. Home cooks and chefs use chiles in a variety of ways– canned green chiles, chilis roasted and dehydrated in powder form as a seasoning. They can also be used in a stew or green chili soup, NM chiles are a hit around the world!


What’s A Hatch Chile Pepper?

Hatch, New Mexico is a small village in the southern part of the state and one of the largest producers of New Mexcan chiles. Chile from Hatch has become so well-known that people know it by name and prefer it over most all others because of its flavor.

Hatch chile also refers to varieties of heirloom species of chile peppers from the genus Capsicum which are grown in Hatch Valley, New Mexico. Along the rest of the Rio Grande, outside of the Hatch Valley is the Mesilla Valley which also grows award-winning chiles in their own right. Both are certified by the State Of New Mexico.

Certified grown in the World Famous fertile Hatch Valley of New Mexico


When is the typical Green Chile Season?

The first week of August is typically the sweet spot to harvest the best organic green chiles. These rich green chiles usually mature around the 10th of August when the weather begins to cool down for the summer and stay green for approx. 40 days then begin to turn red.

Certified grown in the World Famous fertile Hatch Valley of New Mexico


When is the typical Red Chile Season?

After the Chiles begin to turn Red around Sept 20th, they are then harvested for the next 3 weeks until the first frost of the year arrives to blanket the fertile ground in the beautiful southwest valley.

Certified grown in the World Famous fertile Hatch Valley of New Mexico


The difference between Green & Red Chile Peppers

The only difference is time. Green chiles turn red as they ripen. In general, they start green— at which time some Mi Abuelo™ chiles are harvested and flame-roasted, while others are left to turn red as they ripen, before harvesting and flame-roasting.

Certified grown in the World Famous fertile Hatch Valley of New Mexico


What is a Sunset Kissed Southwest Chile?

There is a magical moment just after the green begins to change to red and before the red is fully red that the chiles undergo a “transformation of color and taste.”  It is THIS brief and quickly passing frame of time just as it changes into an orangish, reddish green that we call the chile “SUNSET KISSED”   Some say that if you cook with a “sunset kissed” chile your house will have good luck for as long as the sweet aroma lingers.

Certified grown in the World Famous fertile Hatch Valley of New Mexico


What makes Mi Abuelo™ Chile Peppers Better?

Mi Abuelo™ chile peppers are All-Natural, organic, gluten free, vegan, with no preservatives or additives. 

      Vitamin and Antioxidant Rich


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