Our Company

Like so many American success stories, this one has its roots in the World’s Famous Hatch Chile Pepper Valley, where our unwavering commitment to carefully and protectively grow chile peppers pays tribute to our grandfather Ruben, Baca. 
It’s our family’s love and passion for chile peppers that’s been passed down from generation to generation. That passion has brought delicious and healthful chile peppers from New Mexico to the American table.
In fact, we’d happily describe ourselves as being chile pepper obsessed as quite literally all of our time, our passion, and our expertise goes into doing one simple thing: creating the most authentically grown, freshest picked, fastest frozen, meticulously packaged, carefully shipped and most delicious chile pepper products possible.

Our Legacy

Today, Ruben’s grandson, Robert Baca has expanded Mi Abuelo™ nationally to showcase the varieties of premium organic chile products. The Mi Abuelo™ company works with local farmers who grow only the finest organic chile peppers. The effects on the regional economy benefits the entire Southwest. The certification seal on our products guarantees that chile products are grown here in New Mexico, protecting our state’s most treasured food product and assuring customers’ of authenticity.
Our customers can confidently look to us, as they always have, for excellence in everything from organic products, research and development to entirely new approaches to packaging, packing, and even shipping.
The Mi Abuelo™ team is constantly rising to new challenges every day and continually improving our professionalism. The contributions of our team members have helped us build a company with extensive knowledge of development, production, distribution, sales and marketing.
Mi Abeulo™ offers consumers opportunities to celebrate traditional Mexican cuisine and everyday meal occasions with the Mi Abuelo branded line of chile pepper products. Whether it’s a special dinner with friends, annual family get-together or just a great day to cook an authentic Mexican meal.
From humble beginnings to world-class business, we have never forgotten that our family and people drive us forward and help ensure that our thousands of daily customers are pleased with our products and service.
Be sure to look and ask for Mi Abuelo™ New Mexico Grown Flame-Roasted Organic Chiles wherever you shop (that’s a mouthful… that you’ll enjoy!) You know you have chosen the finest pick of the crop when you recognize the distinctive Father and Son silhouettes’ in the Chile Pepper fields on the label.